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A website is the heart of marketing. If you want people to know more about your business or advertise your business on a large scale then website is the best way to market your products and services. Thus, a website design that is attractive is very important.

Our feet In Website Design

A design that wins the heart of visitors and is very precise according to target audience

The world is evolving so as technology. A design which is rich in every context from logo to different pages is really important. A website is that essential element of promoting business which is very easy for visitors as well as for promoters. Buttercup explains your business through a well defined design that tempts target audience to convert into customers.

How can a website design bring profit?

  • The easiest source of profit as most people find it easy to surf Internet to know what relates to their requirements.
  • A clever design may enhance the interest of the visitor while a poor design may confuse visitors.
  • Graphics, logos, colours etc all play a great role in capturing the attention of target audience.
  • eCommerce websites have become very popular nowadays, a good design may help you to be a good seller.

What we do in Website Design

An innovative as well as experienced team of designers work for your website design to increase your profit

Fixed Website Design

A design which is fixed in every sense. This website design has fixed percentages of width as well as length. It is just one design that can be viewed by thewe visitor even if he/she resizes the browser.

Fluid Website Design

A design which can be scrolled up and down to see the full website. If one resizes the browser the design of the website changes its view accordingly.

Responsive Website Design

A design which can be seen in mobiles and tablets properly without left and right scrolling. We offer you a fixed as well as responsive website design so that your customers are not disappointed.

Company Website Design

We provide top-notch webdesign services in the market for corporate firms. Our website designs are based on persuasive psychology to attract customers and quintessential technology for the best user experience. Our web designers are all skilled and experienced techies with a creative outlook. Thus, they ensure to provide the best services to our clients.

Ecommerce Website Design

Your e-commerce website forms the foundation of your online business. That is the reason why you need a robust and tech-savvy website for your business which is in sync with your company values and visions. We understand this and that is why we provide you with the best website designs in India crafted to perfection.

Custom Website Design

Whether you wish to redesign your website according to your needs or build a completely new one, we can help you. We provide quality custom web design services wherein we mix our creativity with your custom requirements to build your dream. Our aim is to provide our customers with exactly what they desire.

Business Website Design

The first step to building a striking online presence is to have a creative website for your firm. We take this as our responsibility to build website designs for your business which are highly functional, customer-centric and have a clean and crisp structure. Our exclusive web designs help our clients to have a unique web approach.

Corporate Website Design

We are one of the leading agencies in India providing the services for corporate website designing. We believe in providing intricate and specific design solutions for our corporate clients which are in accordance with their needs. Brief us with your requirements, and we promise to craft the best designs for you.

Support and Maintanence

When you outsource your web designing work to us, we understand that you expect comprehensive services. That is why we provide 24*5 constant support and website maintenance services for your website. Thus, no matter what the issue is with your website, you can rely on us to solve it perfectly.

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Why us in Website design?

A team that supports you in every sense would obviously be your favourite!

  • We offer fixed as well as responsive website design so that visitors on your site do not lose interest.

  • We use best combination of colours according to your business.

  • A fully professional touch to your website.

  • The best combination of graphics and images to get best out of your website.

Our Website Design

We bring best website designs from India for the profit of your business.

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