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on 06 Feb 2018


Do you know who Steve Jobs is? The moment you hear the name Steve Jobs certain things trigger your memory cells right, the most common word being Apple and iPhone. Similarly, when you hear the word Coca-Cola, you imagine a bottle or can of fizz drink in front you. You just recalled a brand, be it a person or a product. Certain people think that only big companies or products should brand themselves, but I completely disagree. Any branding agency in ahmedabad or any place in the world would support the fact that any brand, big or small must brand themselves.


Branding Creates a sense of Trust

Perhaps the most important connect which you would want to have with your customers is the trust factor. If your customers trust you, half the battle is won already. They would come back to you and would be willing to pay their hard earned money to buy quality products from you.

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Branding Improves Recognition of product

A professionally designed logo which has subliminal messages to it is an important factor to recall. The more popular your brand is, and the faster consumers can recall it, the better it is for your company.

Branding should Support Marketing Efforts & Strategies

Just like a catalyst stirs up a chemical reaction and hastens the process, branding supports marketing strategies when done well. For example, if I have a youth brand and use online channels to promote it, my product will get a push. But if I have a product for 80+year who have less access to digital media and are the decision makers for purchase and not influencers, then I would rather advertise in a newspaper. Other factors like distribution, packaging of the brand etc. are branding catalysts which support marketing strategies.

Branding Motivates Employees

Yes, an employee will take pride in wearing a t-shirt with the brand name written on it. Accessories and stationary belonging to the brand is a great way to motivate the main stakeholders of your company.

Branding Recruits Customers & Generates Revenues

More the visibility your brand gains, the better the advertisement and eventually recall by customers. This leads to a purchase more often than not, generating revenues.

Stay customer oriented

The customer and the key target segment must be in focus and your brand and branding strategies should revolve around it. The customers choices, tastes, likes and dislikes must be taken into consideration before creating any branding strategy.

Branding Message should illustrate value

Does your message answer this simple question arising in the customers mind? What’s in it for me? Does it emphasize on the reason to purchase?

Emotionally Connect with customers

The branding strategies must find its way to the customer’s heart. Connect emotionally. For example, the ad where Google is used to connect two old men living in different countries by their grandchildren. It strikes a chord somewhere deep.

It Enlarges Your Platform in the Public’s Eye

Visibility is important, even if you have to shout out loud to reach your audience. The more people know you, they try your product. The first rung of the ladder can be climbed only when you have created your own space in the grey cells of the consumers.

It Builds Momentum around Your Company

Branding efforts will always create an impact by making a ripple effect. It is essential to shape up the brand image well to create a momentum around the company.

Role of branding in Digital Marketing

Role of branding in Digital Marketing is gaining more importance by the day. Digital marketing agency ahmedabad and other cities confirm that 23% of converts happen online due to the company’s interaction on social media. Online customer relationship is autonomous and spontaneous, and the brand must always be on its toes to serve the customer better. If you ask why the role of branding in digital era? Here are the top ten reasons why branding matters for both large businesses and small businesses also.

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