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on 02 Jul 2018


The company gets the real price of the product when it is presented properly in the market. The company brand is a vital asset to survive in the market but the strength of the company relies on the quality of the product or services. There are many branding agency in ahmedabad which will give you a clear vision of enhancing the business and make you stable in the market.

There are few misconceptions behind the brand, which are as follows:

1.  A logo is a tag:

Lot of brands are rising daily and people do follow brand when it gives the quality. So a brand cannot be developed by a logo or name. It is developed by its publicity and popularity and moreover fulfilling the need of the customer. Brand is everything and everything is a brand.

2. Branding creates obligations:

Company needs to provide a quality product with right price and with this policy any one in the market can succeed. Now a days customer are very choosy when it comes to brand as they are emotionally connected to the brand and hence after that they make purchase decision so it become important for company to do branding according to customers requirement. If the product leaves you with positive image then the customer will always follow the same product otherwise company with popular brand also starts losing its fame.

3. Branding is high budget:

One reason to choose the brand is quality but simultaneously it also affects one’s pocket. The customer needs to understand the difference between branding and marketing.

4. Branding a single term investment:

Creating brand is not a easy task as many peoples are involved in developing and promoting the brand in the market. The brand needs to be changed according to the current trend. Brand is developed according to current product scenario.

5. Branding does not affect strength:

When there is hike in the sales graph of the company it can lead to increase in brand value as well. Customers rather than going for a new brand always prefer to invest money on their regular branded products.

6. Branding through different media platform:

Making a company a brand through social network can lead to a disaster. As now a days a single fault of the company can lay out their viral videos, media campaign and thus it can spoil the image of the company.

7. Branding is complex:

Branding makes a memorable impression on customer’s mind and they get a clear idea of what to expect from the company. Strong branding creates a platform for the company as well as for customers.

8. Branding affects competitors:

Many companies rather than taking care of their product or service, they pick their nose on other company  product which indirectly lay them out from their focus.

9. Branding requires masterplan to attain victory:

To attain values in the business world you need to stand with one logo, one identity and one message that can be accomplished through publicity.

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