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on 27 Dec 2017

What’s in a logo?

What do you do when you see a stranger? You introduce yourself by mentioning your name. Similarly, a brand is introduced to the customer by its logo and is much more than a picture or a name hanging on the billboard. The graphic design studio in ahmedabad was very helpful and I understood the basic framework behind creating a logo and am sharing it with you.

Let me give you an example. Big brands like Airtel and Godrej change their logos every time there is a re branding strategy. The tweaks may seem like a very insignificant change to us, but it actually makes a lot of difference. The ‘a’ in the logo of Airtel has changed several times, but the curl around the ‘a’ signifies that it is connecting the whole world.


Another classic example is that of Godrej. Godrej rebranded themselves to change the traditional and strict brand image to a brand who changes with modern times. The introduction of new colors and a similar advertisement ensured that it communicated this strategy along with retaining its standards of a being a classy brand.

Selecting a brand logo is a lot of effort. Generally, a graphic design company is hired to create the logo. A lot of work happens behind the scenes to find the perfect logo.The logo cannot be changed dramatically since the consumers need to recall the brand and cannot relate to something completely different either. Here is a list of considerations before you design the face of your company before you contact a logo design company in Ahmedabad or some other location.

Things to Consider Before Getting Your Company’s Logo Designed by a Brand Design Agency

Logo Design

Market Nitty-Gritty

It is crucial to identify your target segment and the market you are playing in. Various factors like the technology advent, price sensitivity, readiness for your product, social norms and perceptions make a significant contribution to choice of the market.

Competitor Analysis

It is a good decision to see what others are doing – to know what to do and what not to do. This will help address the gap in the market and comprehend industry trends. Researching your competitor will also help you to gain insights on what could differentiate your brand from another.

Types of Logo

You need to choose what kind of a logo you wish to design. Here are the different kinds of logos:

Wordmarks: These are freestanding words without any frills and decorations, usually in a single color or double color combination. Example: CNN

Letterform: It is similar to a wordmark. A letterform will have a difference in the case such as indentation, font size, and use of uppercase and lowercase called ascenders or descenders. Example: Godrej

Abstract: Graphic textures or images which have no connection with the brand and what it does whatsoever, is called an abstract logo. Usually, brands do try to relate the product with the logo by either using a similar background or an image and hence these logos are rare.

Pictoral: A picture depicting the brand or one that resembles metaphorical objects are called pictoral logos. Example: Starbucks

Logo Colours have a psychological impact

The color of the logo is an important criteria to choose. Colors convey a hidden message about the brands. Certain colors such as yellow is used to depict freshness or energy, red conveys boldness and youthfulness. Every color has a psychological impact on the human brain and boost the message to be conveyed by the brand if the right color has been chosen. Example: McDonald’s

Logo Font speaks about the target audience

The font or the style of writing is equally important to create a positive impact on the minds of the people. Again, the target audience matters. You cannot have a cursive font and neon colors for a brand for the old and a black and white logo in capitals for a brand targeting children. Thus it is important you decide on these basic parameters of your logo before contacting a brand design agency to create a logo.

Simplicity in a logo is essential

KISS! Keep it short and simple. For a logo, the less is more concept works wonders. The easier the brand logo is for a customer to remember, more easily can they recall the brand.

Start sketching the draft form

Each time you brainstorm and come to a conclusion about how you want your logo to look (or vice versa, how you do not want your logo to look), ink down your thoughts on a piece of paper and start sketching. Several sessions later you will find the skeleton of your logo conjuring in front of you.

Once you have kept these basic parameters in mind, you can discuss with your brand design agency on creating a logo. Nowadays there are free software available on the internet but I would highly recommend you spend some time, money and effort in creating your logo because this is the distinguishing factor when compared to others.

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