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on 25 Aug 2017

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Are you a start-up? Or a year-old brand getting in the new means of media promotions and branding? In the current ongoing fast paced industrial surrounding and a high boost of SME’s and Start-Up development, you don’t have to let your brand sink. As, the new means of marketing and promotions has gone in the hands of Social Media and More of it is taken with Online marketing, Brand Positioning and Promotions are the best way that are sought by the industry stakeholders as well as start-ups and SME’s.

Why is Brand Promotion required?

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Business being small or large requires promotions at large, and such business really need to understand the importance of business promotion strategies to grow up in the market. As, promotional strategies and marketing goes hand in hand, promotion becomes voice of your company, stating the message of your brand out loud in the market and to your targeted audiences.

The major types of promotions are done through, television, radio, shopping outlets, billboards, magazines, and social media. Now here, except from the radio, in all your promotions, you need a content, an outstanding visually connecting material to attract your target audience and bring them to you.
Major role that promotions cover in your setting and Evolving a brand are,

1. Increases Brand Awareness
2. Segment Identification
3. Increasing Customer Traffic
4. 4. Powerful Marketing Platform

Here is when the Graphic Designer Comes in the picture.

Role of a Graphic Designer in Promoting a Brand

Have a look around you.

Do you see, everywhere there is colours, posters, designs and things that define themselves in a unique way.

The unique identity to all these things are given to them by graphic designers. A gives birth to a brand by creating a logo, to making its identity by its itenary and stationery products.

We are a world driven by designs, the way we perceive a product, a political campaign even a building is swayed by its outward aesthetic. Colour has the ability to change our moods within seconds, and alter our perspective on a product. For example, Earth tones reference organic materials, often found to be more trusted by consumers believing the product has more integrity than that of other brands.

All, these are properly taken care by a graphic designer and the ideas that they come out to the best with keeping the brand identity in mind and creating a better Promotional strategy for the business owners.

Thus, Graphic designers play a crucial and important role in creating a brand identity, and make hold of prominent place in market of a brand through its promotional activities. All this is done with a designer out of the box ideas, that attracts the target audiences and gives mileage to them.

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