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on 02 Apr 2018

coca-cola logo varieties

Just like we wear different clothes to different functions and occasions, a product needs to wear attractive attire to catch the eyes of the customer. The better dressed and designed will always be a show stopper.


Big beverage companies like Coca-Cola spend millions on researching the package design. Feedback from the consumers is taken to ensure the bottle cap, logo design and colour of the packaging defines the brand. The brand can make a great impression only if it is visually appealing and brands leave no stone unturned to land your product in the consumer’s hands.


Brand Building Agency in India devote a lot of time to understand the finer nuances of packaging that actually play a major role in communicating the main essence of the brand.

There is a lot of effort that goes into package design and here is a quick guide to the very essentials of packaging.


  1. The brand must blend into the category
  2. Highlight the brand story
  3. The importance of colours
  4. Add spice and flavour to the product
  5. Leverage on graphics


The Brand Must Blend Into The Category

Remember the last time you walked into a departmental store you walked into a rows and rows of products arranged by category. Biscuit brands are always stacked together and chocolates are arranged with chocolates. Yes, the category has an impact and the product must blend in. The customer should identify your product as one in the category.

Logo Design


Highlight The Brand Story

While the brand must belong to the category, it should also flaunt why it is better than the rest. The packaging design must convey to the buyer about the contents of the product and have a greater appeal than the competing brands.


The importance of Colours

Brands must use colours to its advantage. It could be used to differentiate the various flavours or highlight the reason for using. For example, an energy drink would sell more if it has vibrant colour on its packaging than soothing pastel colours.The brand must have a core colour – like juices are generally orange and each flavour is defined by the packaging.

Bansi Business Card


Add Spice And Flavour To The Product

The packaging must not only convey the brand message but also define the space in which the brand plays. For example, when you pick up a bottle of sauce it should be clear if the expected taste would be sweet, sour , tangy or spicy. Often, images of the key ingredients works wonders in attracting more consumers.


Leverage On Graphics

Probably the most important point of all, the pictures on the label must say a story and be visually appealing. Graphics should be designed to convey subliminal messages and care should be taken to ensure there is no clutter. The logo of the brand and the company name should be visible but not loud.

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