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We at our Brand Consulting Company create Brand Names for your Company/Corporate Brand/Product Brand/Service Brand using

HI (Human Intelligence).

We don’t create Brand Names based on our liking or some free AI Software

It’s a brainstorming process that our in-house team engages in for weeks and then come up with a solution that is UNIQUE and PERFECT for your brand.

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Our feet in Brand Name Creation

A brand name that creates your unique Identity

Buttercup is one of the best brand consulting companies that helps you grow your business thorough a unique and relevant brand name. Our brand strategy team conducts research and a detailed analysis to create the kind of brand Name which attracts the attention of your customers.

How can a brand name boost your business?

  • Identity of a brand starts with a name
  • An effective brand name boosts the recall factor
  • A brand name with more recognition gives youmore ROI on your marketing promotion investments
  • In the crowded market flooded with generic and copy-cat brands , your brand with an effective brand name will gain a distinct competitive advantage

Our speciality in Brand Name Creation

Buttercup is a brand building agency that specializes in creating unique brand identities. There is no question of out-of-the-box thinking because for us, there is no box in the first place!

Brand Name Creation for all Requirements

We create brand names for Companies, Corporate Brands and Product/ Service Brands

Brand Name Creation for all Markets

Whether your target market is in Asia, USA or others, we create the brand name by matching the cultural and linguistic sensibilities

Brand Name Creation for all Segments

We create brand names for B2B, B2C and D2C companies/brands

Brand Name Consultancy

We offer consultation for the brand name match with the brand positioning and value proposition

Brand Name Availability for Trademark Registration

We ensure that the unique brand names created by us are available for trademark registration in the particular product/service class

Creation of Brand Names and Sub Brand Names

We create the entire Brand Architecture when there is a family of brands and create proper sub brands which fit in the brand identity structure

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Our Brand Name Creation examples





  • ARK

    (HAIR OIL)







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