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on 24 Feb 2023

Branding is a quotidian word in today’s business world. Though many companies have adopted various branding strategies to stay competitive in this world, still, branding is one of the highly misunderstood topics for the business owners (both novice and established). Many business owners are failed to understand that there is more to branding than a logo and style guide. Logo plays an important role in your branding, but it’s just the beginning. Many businesses overlook the potentiality of branding and what a brand can do for their business. They only show their interests in creating a logo. For this purpose, they hire some professional logo or graphic designers from a reputed graphic design company in India who will help them in creating some appealing and eye-catching logos. But a brand is far apart from just a logo. Why do you need a brand, not just a logo to establish yourself strongly in the market? Let’s explain the importance of branding and how can you design a logo to strengthen your brand.

To understand the difference between a brand and a logo, let’s start with the definitions first.

What is a logo?

A logo is simply an identification for your company. A logo symbolizes the products or services that you are going to offer to your customers. A logo is just a symbol, it’s not a strategy. Therefore, your logo should be clear, simple, and easy to memorable. Don’t go for chaotic or complex logo designs as they will distract you what you are trying to communicate to your audiences. Every business or brand demands a logo and that’s why logo plays an important part in your brand identity.

What is branding or a brand?

A brand is the emotion behind what your customers or audiences feel, sees and taste when they make an interaction with your company on any level. It can be concluded that branding is an emotional experience which tells the story of why, how, and what you are planning to do in this market. Your brand portrays your values, purpose, vision, mission, and personality in front of your audiences. It gives people reasons to trust you and use your products or services. It helps you to stand out from your contenders. So, a brand has much more responsibility than a logo.

When you are planning for branding, make sure that it should ubiquitous, consistent and follow some strategies. You can design a logo for identification, but your brand should be stewarded thoughtfully because it is the thing which will connect your audiences with your company. Since branding is an emotional experience, hence everyone wants to be a part of it. You should make it intriguing so that people can connect themselves easily with it.

The 6 components of a brand

The 6 components of a brand

1. Copy or words: This part of branding comprises your taglines or how you want to describe your business or call to actions.

2. Pictures (logos, images, style, and font): Many companies invest a chunk of time in this part. Though logos or images play an imperative role in your branding, still they shine brightly when supported by other elements or components.

3. Value: this part of branding describes what your business stands for and what are the values you are offering to your customers.

4. Perception: This component of branding describes how your company or business is viewed by the public.

5. Story: Your brand conveys your story like what made you look for a solution of your customers, your story (why are you different), how can you solve the problems of your customers? And so on. This part of branding will help you to get attention from your customers by narrating a good story.

6. Expectation: This part describes what your customers are expecting from you and how can you curate some value-added services to them so that they can trust you and stay loyal to you.

Why does branding matter?

A strong and powerful brand will help you in many ways.

1. It gives the right information and messages so that everyone can understand what you are doing.

2. It helps you to connect more authentically with your customers.

3. It gives a unique style which can easily be recognized and memorised.

4. It enhances your credibility as a company.

5. It strengthens your bonding with your customers.

6. It makes your content more appealing and readable.

Now, hope you have understood why branding is more than just a logo. If created thoughtfully, your brand will convey the right messages to your audiences and will convert them into your loyal customers or buyers.

Only professionals can help you to create a brand identity for your business which can take your business to the next level. For this purpose, you should get in touch with Buttercup Advertising Studio because it is a reputed and well-established graphic design company in India which is helping the clients in creating a brand identity and design. The company is experienced in creating identity design, social media branding, traditional branding, logo designing, and brand strategy consulting.

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