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on 09 Oct 2018

Graphics and fashion can be interrelated to each other in some or the other way. Fashion is something that is never gone by the winds, something that used to be in fashion becomes out of style after a few years. And surprisingly, you can see them paving a way to be in vogue again after a time break. Same is the case when you talk about graphic trends. With the advancement of technology and designers possessing a bundle of talents, there has been a visual aesthetic rise in graphic trends. Mix and match have been an age-old hack to get something new and contemporary and that’s why graphic design company in India is working on something innovative. So here are few graphic trends that you can use this year to make your website look more appealing gaining its roots from the vintage theme.

1. Gradients

Gradients are an age-old method which was not just confined to the olden days but also have marked their presence in today’s world. Gradients were supposed to be an add-on to the style statement of a powerpoint presentation. This trend by the passage of time slowly lost its presence until Instagram planned to bring it back. Instagram a well-known social media platform brought back the gradient pioneer and used it for enhancing the web designs.

2. Bold Serifs

There are lot many fonts and styles that you can get to explore ranging from Cambria to bookshelf style and a lot more. These fonts and styles turn to be a very effective way of enhancing the interface design with the fonts turning thin and thick according to the designer’s art. Owing the same to serve as an enhancing factor, these Bold Serifs are a modern way to add a nostalgic touch making it look classy and grand.

3. Semi-flat design

The two dimensional flat designs made use of bold colour palettes and a lot of white space to make the colours spread its appeal. But this same 2D hack is now being used for the three-dimensional designing as well. Designers are working out their designs such that the elements gain a forefront by creating a visual hierarchy using shadows.

4. Movement

GIFs and animations are love and can be an embellishing factor for your website. So why to stay away from it? All these moving pictures and videos make your website look interactive and gets your website a higher conversion rate what simple images cannot generate for you. Audio and visuals together create a more impact in comparison to simple photos especially when you are eyes are drooping on your computer or mobile screen. Thus this audio plus video combination is serving effective in the web designing world.

5. Responsive Logos

Mobiles are not just a means of communication anymore but have become compulsive which brings down the whole world in your palms. People have moved from their desktops to their mobiles for simple searches, and thus designers are moving forward to get the web designing done in such a way that it suits the mobile frames. Responsive logos are a saviour and help the designers to adjust the designs and size matching the mobile-friendly requirements.

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