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on 06 Aug 2018

Package design is an essential marketing tool to build the brand image of your business and drives customers towards it. Packaging design can even affect the growth of your brand and loyalty. A smart packaging design discusses your brand in a positive way and communicates the values of your brand with your customers. Logo design companies in Ahmedabad believes that in this highly competitive world, discussions about products in the supermarket are majorly based on packaging.

Here are some rules that could be followed to make your packaging design effective.

Be honest and make it the reflection of your product

There is a simple rule to follow. Don’t promise what you can’t give and at least give what you have promised. Your packaging design must serve as the reflection of your services. Never don’t disappoint your customers because they give value to your brand. What is mentioned on the packaging must be present inside and that’s what enhances credibility. The best example of this is Maggie and that’s why even after so many allegations it retained its reputation.

Consistency is important

Change is important and so is consistency. You have multiple designs, various sizes and styles, and varied packaging formats but that doesn’t mean you should change your packaging design too often. Let your customer recognize your product with its cover. You can use different packaging designs for different products but be consistent with one. Lays is the best example of this. The owner has given different designs to different flavors but for ones like cream and onion chips, the design is consistent.

Keep it clear

Most of the packaging designs include the list of contents and other details on its back. It is important to be clear about your packaging design. The design must clearly include the name of your product and the whole information on the product must be correct. Try to keep the information concise so that the cover doesn’t seem overstuffed.

The packaging design must be unique and recognizable

A unique packaging design can attract customers in a better way. You can choose different colors, formats, shape, or even the packaging style. The purple color of Cadbury makes it easy for the customers to recognize it. Even the name of the product is not required to read and the customers pick the right one. The power of differentiation is great and it lets you stand out from the crowd. Even a new brand can get a chance with a unique packing because the human mind gets attracted towards unique things.

The packaging design needs to be functional

Show some care for the environment and try to make the packaging recyclable. Also, try to make your packaging small so that you can prevent some extra expenses. The cost of transportation in international transits depends on the space covered in cubic meters. So, by making the packaging a little bit small or adjustable in small space you can save some money and use that to improve the quality of the product.

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