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on 30 Apr 2019

Rocking Design Trends For 2019

Web design trends bring a lot of features with time. When you look at modern websites, amazing designs could be seen in the navigational buttons. With different shapes and sizes in buttons, the site has become better in the form of both appearance and response. The graphics design company in India believes in creating websites that are better responsive and user-friendly. Different styles like flat designs have taken over the design world in these years. However, what the future of these designs will be is still a doubtful question. Some experts see a better future with these trends. Though many new ways could be explored for designing, going through the present trends can help us better understand the opportunities we have in our hands. Below are the five major designing trends that may rock the year 2019 and several coming. You can also add more if you have some in your mind.  

5 Rocking Design Trends For 2019

Big sized images

You must have seen large pictures at the top of the websites. The trend gained immense response importance because if its high usefulness. It made the sites look clutter free with limited text. Since the words were less, but the information was delivered successfully with words, the websites looked neat and clean. You can expect the trend to be continued in this year too with even more exposure. Though the text has its own importance, the limited words could be used to images because visualization creates better understanding than written text.

Flat-ish instead of flat

How about making things appear as if they are real? It’s human sensibility that we tend to connect better to things that are lively. Flat elements made a bang on performance in the last year, and the designers are doing something better this year. The flat designs will be presented in a better view this year. The new trend will give a real look to the flat design elements, and that’s how the high appreciated flat design trend will still be there. The limelight will be more on the worldly side of the flat design in 2019.

Storytelling as a way

Storytelling as a way

The content was the king and will always be. After giving massive importance to the large images on the website, content again made its comeback in a new version. We all love stories and can’t deny the influence stories have on our mind. Content on the website is now in the form of a story that shows the path to the success of the brand. These inspiring stories tend to catch more considerable attention than anything. From how a brand started to what it is going to do in the future, the stories cover everything from problems they faced, what was the big success, and where they see themselves in the future. The mission, vision, and values build trust in the visitors. The storytelling way makes an emotional bond between the business and the customers that influences better.


High-end typography has taken over the websites since long is sure to spread its wings more in the coming years. A large number of quality typefaces are available on the web nowadays plus many more are yet to come. What makes them more useful is their being free of charge that makes the designer incorporate them as much as they can. The stylish fonts not only give a better look but also help in highlighting some part of the content without actually doing it through paragraphs and other things. So, we can expect spectacular typeface designs being released in the year plus their revolution on websites too.

Videos are taking over

Videos have always been better presentations. As a student, we all used to make slideshows of our presentations, and that looked better than a simple project file. The same goes for the website too. With the incorporation of large images, videos made their entry with the scope to display more images. Background videos become a better representative of business without having the need to bear the pocket burning costs. Easy access to broadband has probably made the videos gain more popularity because the cost is now reduced. So, in 2019, you will surely see better informative and more spectacular videos of websites.

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