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on 08 Jan 2018

Increase Your Sales With Graphic Design


Graphic designs are creating the next big wave and the science behind this is that the human eye comprehends an image 92% faster than a set of words, according to research. A picture which communicates a message clearly is likely to have a better rate of unaided recall. Brands are using this strategy for greater exposure, knowledge and awareness. Greater visibility of the brand also ensures more converts and better sales, sending the sales curves upwards, according to studies done by graphic design company in Ahmedabad. Another interesting study by a logo design company in Ahmedabad states that companies which have a good logo seem to perform better when consumers remember the logo and are exposed to great graphic designs and visuals.

This article lists down 5 easy ways to increase sales with graphic design

KISS : Keep it short and simple

Farm Byte Logo Design

In today’s world, less is more. A good quality visual with a graphic design and catchy tagline has greater potential than several pages or advertisements. The golden rule is to avoid clutter, and this helps in clearing the confusion brewing up in the minds of the customers. A good and clear message is more effective than multiple bombarding of less important messages.

Direct your Audience to what you want them to see

Logo Design Work

This is an extremely important step in ensuring the reader is directed to the right kind of information. You can add callouts and highlight portions in the website to direct the reader to a particular offer or a promotional campaign effectively by using a good layout and design.


The correct font is another great contributor. The correct font shape, font size and font color play an important role. The font settings can be changed to the advantage of the brand by using it to highlight details, call out purchase options or create a visual appeal. The font size should be large enough for viewers to read clearly and should not look cluttered. Finding this balance is important while creating a visual which appeals to the eyes of the viewer.

Colour me right

Branding Promotion

The color plays a very important role in a graphic design. Certain colors convey messages to the subconscious mind. A good color combination ensures good readability, highlighted call out action leads to purchases and a good color combination also enhances the overall appeal of the website.

Educate the consumer

Showcase your talent and build a brand name. To some, offering a free consultation and seminar may seem to be a waste of time while for others it is a great way to exhibit your talent. This method may not fetch you new clients immediately but will go a long way in building a relationship with consumers and potential purchasers. The act of this goodwill shall be reciprocated in more ways than one with time. It is also a great tool to advocate word of mouth publicity. One can use the graphics well in a seminar to portray the quality work created and designed by the company – which speaks volumes about how professional they are.

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