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on 12 Mar 2019

Social media plays a pivotal role in enhancing brand visibility and profit. Social media brings a chunk of traffic every day to your site. But those days are gone when you used to post only text or content on your social media pages. These days, visuals or images are grabbing huge attention from the readers or customers because people feel these images are more attractive and appealing. And that’s why these visuals or images used to stay for a long time in their memory. But for this, you certainly need to hire the best graphic design company in India who will embrace you with an array of attractive and eye-catching social media images.

Here, we are mentioning some design tips by which you can enhance your social media images.

1.Colour: Colour plays an important social media marketing tool as it immediately establishes a mood, conveys emotions, creates an atmosphere, and provokes your users’ mind. A study was conducted on the impact of colour on marketing and the researchers have found that nearly 90% of snap judgments made about different products can be based on colour alone. The researchers also claimed that the colour portrays your personality on social media sites. Brand Loulou & Tummie choose their colours so wisely that it can convey a story through the colours and can grab the attention of the customers. So, choose your colours prudently for your social media images.

2.Balance: The art of balance also plays an important role in the field of social media image design. There are four different types of balance.
All four will help you to create a beautiful social media image design.

3.Lines: Lines are other visual elements of your social media image design. The lines help your eyes to go where you want it to go. Straight lines portray a sense of order and tidiness to your image, while on the other hand, curved or crooked lines give your image a sense of organized tension and movement. So, you should pay great attention to the lines while using them. Draw the lines in such a way so that they can guide your audience through the journey and also encourage them to stop at important elements during the journey.

4.Typography: Typography or font should be chosen wisely. You should choose that type of font which works seamlessly and brings your social media image to life. It also plays an imperative role in sending messages through your brand to your audience.

5. Contrast: Create contrast with colours, shapes, and sizes to make your visuals more appealing and attractive. You can easily incorporate light colours into dark colours and create some astounding visuals for your social media. By using various shapes and sizes, you can even create a contrast to your social media images.

6. Scale: Scaling basically brings certain elements into focus and helps your readers to understand the concept. Scaling also helps you to create more concrete social media visual designs.

7. Proximity: Proximity is another important parameter that you shouldn’t ignore while creating your social media visual designs. Similar or related elements should be grouped together so that they can convey a relationship between them. The prime goal of this grouping is to declutter your design and make it tidier.

8. Hierarchy: Once you have understood your social media goal, try to take advantages from the hierarchy design template. Always place crucial messages in the biggest font and then, use other graphic design rules to make it stand out from the rest.

9. Repetition: If you want to enhance your social media images, always follow the principle of repetition. While creating your social media image design, you should be consistent with three things and they are fonts, colours, and logo. Try to repeat these three things to give a recognizable look and identity to your brand.

10. Direction: A plethora of web experts has claimed that most of the people used to read in an “F” pattern, an “E” pattern and a “Z” pattern. So, if you want to make an attractive design, then place all important and eye-catching elements on the upper left and the left side of your design.

11. Space: Space will certainly bring some aesthetic qualities to your social media image. At the same time, it will highlight the most important elements. So, by using space, you can create a wonderful effect to your design.

These are some prime tips which will help you in enhancing your social media images.

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