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on 16 Jan 2019

When it comes to designing your business card, you can only make a rough template unless you are a professional designer yourself. The business card, not only carries your business information but also serves as the first impression of your company. The graphic design company in India says that a poorly designed card raises the chances of rejection more than anything else. So, if you’re getting your card designed, have a look at these smart tips.

Bye to clutter

The card is a tiny thing to put unnecessary details on it. Make your card as simple as possible so that there is no clutter. Don’t fill the cards with the details of your services, because it is meant to provide only contact information. It should highlight the type of business you do, your name, branding, your contact details, and QR code. Don’t overflow the card so that the necessary details don’t get overlooked.

Choose the right font

Being creative doesn’t mean you have to make the card complicated. A professional business card must not be confusing in any manner, and that’s why you need to use easily readable fonts. You can be fancy without using too complicated fonts, and when it comes to Indian languages, you need to be extra careful. Use simpler fonts with sufficient height; otherwise, it will be hard to read them.

Be wise with pictures

Due to the poor quality of photos available at that time, designers used to refrain from the use of images on business cards. With the innovation in printing technology, modern business cards can be designed with pictures. The picture needs to be of high quality so that the there is no fuzziness on the printed cards.

Combine the right colors

Colors are very impactful in conveying the thoughts you wish to deliver. Don’t rely on your choices because the designer knows about it better. Share your preferred shades with the designer and ask other options. You can also go for different shades of the same color to make a better choice. Art websites can give you some better choices if you want to go for complementary colors.

Give space to QR-code

You can generate a QR card that takes the users to your website or your contact information. You can create your QR code for free by using online applications. Before getting the QR code printed on the business card, make sure you have tested it.

Don’t let the backside empty

The backside of the card should not be left blank. You can use the back side to prevent the front side from becoming extra crowdy. The logo of your company or QR code can be printed on the backside for a better view. Well, don’t think that you can write the menu of your cafeteria here.

Embossing is classic

Nothing looks as classy as embossing on a business card if done properly. Letters, patterns, and even logos can be embossed on the cards, and they look so amazing. Embossing is the perfect way to be creative without making the card look like a fifth-grade assignment. The embossing should be defined so that the card looks professional.

Custom shapes

We know that you want something different than the old rectangular shapes. Depending on the type of business you own, you can go for pull-out cards, folding cards, coaster-sized cards, and many more. Even a little roundness on the corners can make your card interesting. You can also try different shapes according to the industry.

Finish- matte or shiny

You need to be wise at this point. Too bright cards are a big off when their design doesn’t compliment them. The matte finish is a common one, and it looks good in most of the cases. Moreover, you can ask for other options for finishes with your designer.

Use quality material

Since it’s an identification of your business, a material that talks about your company will be better. If you don’t deal in such an industry where there is something about the materials, go for a good quality one. Use of great quality printer on a quality card will help you stand out. A low-quality card is sufficient reason for customers to reject you.

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